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iTube Pro Apk Download For Android

Music is always a stress buster and takes you into a different world. With the smartphones, it is now easy for you to listen to your favorite and latest music while on the go. You can even watch videos and download them easily. For the music lovers, there are many apps which can do all these and more at the tap of a button. One such app is iTube Pro which was specifically for iPhones and iPads. However, this app has now been launched for Android and Windows as well. It is a great app which allows you to stream YouTube and also acts as an MP3 player for the phone. Let us look at it in detail.

iTube For Android & iOS


  • The iTube Pro which is now available for Android provides fast video buffering and is smooth in functioning.
  • You can keep on streaming videos numerous times without any lag and at a good HD experience.
  • The features of the iTube pro help you to create your own playlist and add videos that can be downloaded to be watched offline.
  • You can mark a video as your favorite to separate it from the lot.
  • The videos on YouTube cannot be watched at the background but this iTube Pro allows you to do so.
  • The iTube video app can help you to view videos directly online instead of downloading it first. Android iTube videos can be rotated easily which is a problem in other apps.
  • It has a feature which allows you to watch early videos and even view video recordings.

How to install iTube Pro

To install iTube Pro you will need to go through some settings on your smartphone. You will need to go to the Settings in the menu and change the security settings. You will get an option for ALLOW APPS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES. Just enable the option and you will be able to install any app which is outside the Play Store. Go to the internet and download iTube¬†APK file for iTube Pro and click on install. Once this is done, it will ask you to click the finish button. The app will now show on the menu options on your smartphone. You can seamlessly enjoy the features of this app in depth. Once you have downloaded iTube apk, you’re all set to install it.

How to use iTube Pro

Using the iTube Pro is easier than any other music applications. It has many great benefits such as no or comparatively less buffering. It has a search option for you to choose from the long list of songs and videos. You can even get lyrics for the videos and songs which are completely free of charge. It is user-friendly and all the details are clearly mentioned in the app. It has a default playlist for 100 songs which change daily for a better experience. You can even lock your screen while listening to the app and it will still function in the background and the music will be displayed on the screen. You can sync your account with YouTube credentials. iTube for iOS is not available as of now, but all the alternatives are listed here.

All this and much more from the iTube Pro apps

Since the application is free of charge it is offering much more than the other free apps. These days you just stream on YouTube for any kind of latest videos and songs. It is great to sync your playlist with the iTube Pro for a one login credentials for multiple apps. We usually tend to download songs and forget to cleanse it. This causes many unwanted data available on your smartphone which is not good for storage space. iTube Pro helps you to delete songs and videos for YouTube as well making it a great user interface. Use the app to enjoy music at all times and at events where your phone plays the DJ. It is a sorted app for people who do not have the time to work on multiple apps for music and entertainment and wish to access it at the click of a button. As it was previously used for iPhone users only so it is a base app for music for them. For other users such as Android and Windows, it is an added feature as it has complete access to YouTube.



Updated: March 19, 2017 — 11:25 am

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