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iTube Downloader : Download Music From YouTube

iTube APK for Android: Free Music Downloader App

iTube Android Download: Looking to download and watch YouTube videos offline? Here’s the amazing new iTube APK app which allows you to do so very easily. iTube app is a great companion of the Android users who loves to listen to music and watch videos online. We will teach you a simple method to download iTube for Android without wifi and you will be able to enjoy the best YouTube videos for free on your smartphone.

In the earlier times, we used to use the cache files to download YouTube videos as mp3 files. Though with the introduction of PlayTube app, which is now renamed to iTube music downloader APK, it became very easy to watch as well download any videos or music for free. You can get the iTube download from this post for free and play music, songs, stream comedy videos and much more.

By using the iTube mp3 music download APK, you will be able to experience the best entertainment on your Android smartphone. The latest iTube APK v2.5 comes with some great new features and an improved UI as well. We will be discussing more features of the iTube Android APK in the next section.

Features of iTube MP3 Music Downloader App

  • There is a specific section which consists of the list of top 100 videos from YouTube (songs from different genres & artists)
  • Allows you to search for any music video on YouTube by any artist of channel and play them in background
  • The YouTube search results in the iTube Android app are divided on the basis of Relevance, Playlists, Channels & View Count as shown below

itube mp3 music download apk

  • Each tab displays the results based on best playlists, top channels, and most viewed videos on YouTube
  • The user interface is smooth & superb and the video streaming is super fast and high quality as well
  • You can also add the videos to Favorites and play them whenever you want to, later on
  • The ‘Cache Mode’ allows you to save MP3 cache files of the YouTube videos already played

itube android apk

How to Download iTube APK for Android

So if you are very eager to download iTube for Android without wifi, then just follow the below mentioned steps and you will be good to go. iTube APK download needs some pre-requisites and you need to know some details about the iTube Music Downloader app, so let’s get down to them.

  • We are sharing the latest iTube Android APK v2.5
  • The size of the iTube APK file is 4.0MB
  • Enjoy and make the most out of the cache mode and other features in this app!

Note: Since this app is NOT available on the Google Play Store, you need to download iTube from a reliable source and we are providing you the working APK file to download and install.

  • To start with first of all you need to go to Settings > Security, make sure the “Allow Unknown Sources” option is ticked & enabled
  • Now Download the iTube Android APK file from the below given links

Download APK

  • Once you click on the link, the iTube APK download process will be started

How to Install iTube App on Android Smartphone

Once the APK file is downloaded successfully, follow the below steps in order to install iTube app.

  • Locate the APK file using the File Manager app or from the Downloads folder
  • Tap on it and click on Install

itube for android without wifi

  • Launch the app after the installation process is completed
  • A new shortcut of iTube Android app will be created on the home screen

How to Use iTube App?

Using iTube app is really simple since we already mentioned that the UI is very simple to understand. You can choose from the top 100 videos on YouTube, select a particular category or just search your favourite video right away!

iTube app download

The free version of iTube app has ads which might be irritating at times though you can check out the iTube Pro APK version which comes with a full fledged awesome app without any such disturbances and the same entertaining features and some extra stuff as well.

Top 8 iTube Android Alternatives

Following are the apps which are similar to iTube and provide the chance to download the videos and save them in your phone. Unlike YouTube, the mentioned apps allow users for usage while using other apps.

  1. SmartTube: just when you are about to open a different app while listening to your favourite playlist, YouTube closes. This app lets you listen to your music while you can work on other apps. This popular and user friendly app lets you watch video clips of many genres and download certain videos so that you can watch them offline.
  2. WorldTube HD: this video can be used like iTube but what sets it apart from other apps is that a video can be searched at the same time while you are watching one video. You can even share via email and other social media of your choice. It uses global content for making available videos from sites which can be accessed from all around the world.
  3. ProTube: As the name suggests, this app is a pro in making available the cached videos for downloading. Surprisingly, this app is doing even better than iTube. This stylish and innovative app lets your stream directly like that of YouTube.
  4. FinalTube: This app has the basic integration like that of YouTube where after watching videos, you will get similar recommendations when you visit the next time. This is a fast and user friendly app which is growing popular based on its remarkable features.
  5. PocketTube: This video downloader app allows you to download seamlessly in your device with the help of internet facilities or Wi-Fi connection. You can play the saved videos once they are saved in the library.
  6. MyTube: Windows Phone also supports this app, so this phone has a larger user base compared to other apps. The interface is easy to understand and the user can like, comment and share via other apps based on their preference.
  7. VIATube: this app lets you watch videos in spite of being in offline mode. Instead of streaming videos, you can download them and save yourself from the nasty ‘loading’ sign when you have poor or slow connection.
  8. Insta Tube: this innovative app lets you comment, share and like the videos you watch and stream just like that of YouTube. This app uses sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo for making available videos directly from this app.

Final Words & Personal Views!

We personally loved the iTube Android app which is the sole reason we have created this website. Our aim is to share and promote this amazing app as much as we can since it has made converting YouTube videos into Mp3 files so damn easier.

itube apk free download

We would like to request you to share this article on social media and also encourage your friends to download the iTube APK so that they can enjoy the benefits too. Feel free to comment below if you are facing any problems while installing the file or are stuck at any step. Cheers!

Updated: August 30, 2017 — 6:58 am

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