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Download iTube For Android & iOS [Latest Version]

iTube Download For Android & iOS : We all are well versed with the app called, YouTube. Almost everyone spends a good amount of time watching various videos on YouTube. At times, we even tune in to music videos and enjoy out favorite tunes. But have you thought of downloading these videos or music from YouTube? I’m sure you might have. But, we all know that YouTube has denied the users the right to download videos of any kind from the app. This is done to protect the rights of the publishers. Recently, YouTube came up with a concept of YouTube offline, using which users could save the YouTube videos under the YouTube app and watch them later without Internet. The idea didn’t quite strike the chord with the users and I don’t see many people using the YouTube offline feature.

So, coming back to the point, how can one download YouTube videos on their smartphone to enjoy them later? Well, anyone can try to search it on Google and find some websites which can do this task for them. But, isn’t is a tiresome process to download the video first in Laptop/Computer and then sending all the files to smartphone. Why couldn’t we download it directly into the smartphone? Fortunately, we can. There are quite a few apps which help the users to achieve this. One of them is iTube, which is the main focus for us on this blog.

Download Music From YouTube Using iTube

iTube is an android app, that facilitates all the unwarranted stuffs like download YouTube videos, converting them into music, etc. That reminds me, how do you guys download your music? iTube for android could help us to download music easily from YouTube. The iTube app for android can convert the videos in music, which can then be downloaded on your smartphones easily. Here, we are going to discuss each and every features of the iTube android app and also provide you the links to download iTube apk as well as iTube for iOS. So let us get started.

Now, iTube is not that boring app which will flash a textbox in front of you to put the URL of YouTube video. No, the developers have spent time making it interesting for the users. Just like the official YouTube app, you will be able to check out the popular videos on iTube app. Users can also check out the Top 100 songs which are trending on YouTube and then download them as per the need. There a couple of more such featured tabs on iTube which will display most liked music/videos to users and make the experience worthwhile. Moreover, the GUI of iTube music app is really smooth and captivating. One could not face even an ounce of difficult while getting their hands on after the iTube app download.

Also, just because iTube is a YouTube downloader doesn’t mean that you can only download videos and music using the iTube app. Users can even spend time and watch all the videos they want on iTube. This makes the iTube app even more desirable and it covers all the qualities that the Official YouTube app holds and adds some more of its own. Trust me, downloading videos and music from YouTube will never be more simple once you start using the iTube app.

iTube Pro App : YouTube Downloader

Although iTube is such a useful and loaded with awesome features, it is not available for download on the Google Play Store or iOS app store. Why? Because it offers something which is unethical i.e downloading videos from YouTube. There is no way the app could get accepted on the Google Play Store. But worry not as we can got our sources. You guys can download the iTube apk for android from the link that we have provided below. iOS users can take a breath of sigh as well because we have written a dedicated guide for them to download iTube for iOS.

If you guys are interested to know, iTube uses the cache system to download the videos from YouTube and save them in your smartphone. This also means that the download speed increases marginally because of cache. Therefore, there is no reason to overlook such a wonderful app which can help you download music and videos. Also, using the iTube app is quite simple. Even a layman who is using a downloader for the first time will be able to navigate and download videos without any hassles. But still, we have written the step wise procedure to download videos and music using iTube app below. So you guys can check it out for reference.

How To Download iTube Android App?

Well, since iTube android is more popular than iOS, we have demonstrated the process to download iTube android app below. iOS users can check out the guide to download iTube iOS app. Either way, iTube is completely free to download and iTube free download can be availed form here.

Before doing anything, all the users are requested to download iTube apk from here. After downloading the iTube apk for android, come back here for the iTube install procedure.

  • Open the File Manager, and locate the iTube apk.
  • Start the apk file and let the app install.
  • Do not open the app once the installation is complete.
  • Go to the Settings>>Security & check mark “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now open the iTube app & start downloading YouTube videos.

Now that you have successfully installed the iTube app for android, we can move on to the tutorial of using iTube music download app. As we said earlier, using the iTube app isn’t a rocket science, but let us give you a quick overview.

How to use iTube app?

How To Use iTube Downloader App?

  • Start the iTube app.
  • Check the popular videos or search for any video you want.
  • Once you play the video, the MP3 file for it will be prepared automatically.
  • This MP3 file will then be saved in your smartphone.
  • Downloading music from YouTube was never so easy right?

The iTube emerged as a handy application used for playing music from the YouTube app from the background. YouTube does not allow its functioning once it is closed, this problem solved when iTube appeared. If you are wondering how this application works, the answer is ‘cache.’ This app caches the video for downloading the MP3 file. Cache is stored data of all the media. It enhances the user experience by placing itself in the storage memory of the phone.

It got discontinued somehow due to some tiffs with the Apple software. Below is mentioned how you can use this revolutionary app once it has been downloaded and installed on your Android device:

• The application consists of a search button where you can find the song you want to download as an MP3 file.
• The search will show YouTube video results and cache will be downloaded and save as MP3 file on your device.
• Then, you will have to switch to the audio mode from video mode while the video is being played.
• You can find the MP3 cache file on the MP3 logo of the app.

With the help of iTube, you can quickly shuffle the songs in the YouTube playlist like one does in any other MP3 player app. Regarding usability, iTube has increased its proficiency. Just as any other MP3 app, you can play your favorite music in the background without having any interruptions. You will be able to multitask due to this ground-breaking app.

iTube For iOS – iPhone & iPad

iTube app for iOS is presently not available to download. As per the information, the iTube iOS app is being developed and will be released soon on the official website. Obviously, it won’t be available on the iOS app store for the security reasons.

But, don’t be disheartened. We have already complied the list of best iTube alternatives for iOS. Trust me there are many, but certainly not as good as iTube. I’m sure iOS users will soon be able to use the iOS version of iTube once it gets released in near future. Till then iOS users will have to settle for the alternatives like SnapTube & iSkySoft iTube Studio.

I’m sure the iTube app will serve al the users in a positive manner and you guys will enjoy using the app. We have tried to cover all the information needed to download and use iTube app. Further, we are open to take all your queries. Enjoy!

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